Uploaded 1.0.1B (adds Ultra-HD support)

Hi Itchers!

Just a small update to let you know that the new version is available. You should be able to just install these files straight over the last ones and be all set!

Patch Notes:

Major Additions

1) Added ultraHD support! In either fullscreen or windowed, if your monitor is high enough resolution to support it, the various available resolutions will automatically scale 2,3,4, etc... times up until they are the maximum possible size for your monitor.

2) Enabled players to use the 'keyboard confirm' OR space, OR enter to navigate game menus (previously was just 'enter')

3) Poverty Chaos Card affects baby-mode starting money.

Balance Changes

1) Nerfed Technician so that it doesn't spawn 'quite' so many awesome items all the time.

2) 'Wizard' Chaos Card now starts the player with a mana-stone in addition to the normal equipment allotted.

3) Dino slimes 'puddle attack' now moves 25% slower and makes a distinctive warning noise. Hopefully this cuts down on some of the unfair feeling deaths. (New Change)

Bug Fixes

1) Remixed certain game sounds to be more balanced in terms of volume.

2) Fixed an error that caused Dino Slimes to crash the game if they tried to eat a skill orb the player was currently absorbing.

3) Fixed an error that caused spirit tether to get stuck on walls in certain situations...

4) Fixed an error that allowed Dino Slimes to steal your weapon in situations where they should not have.

5) Fixed an error that caused Dino Slimes to transform stolen weapons that had previously been uncursed by the player into other weapon types.

6) Fixed an error which could cause a crash if the player drank 8 jackal potions and then got really high in the tower.

7) Fixed an error that caused the player to appear to pass 'under' walls when taking the elevator up to the next floor.

8) Fixed an error that, under rare circumstances, caused monsters to sometimes fail to spawn on certain floors.

9) Probably a bunch of other tiny stuff i'm forgetting.

10) (hopefully) fixed a crash that was caused when some users picked up the trap card inside the first boss room. (New Change)

11) Reduced sound of Ace Blade in general (New Change)


RotRVC101B.exe 278 MB
May 03, 2017

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